Our Mission
The purpose of the Ronin Shotokan Karate-Do Association (RSKA) is to further the rich martial arts legacy of our instructor and founder, the late Thomas LaPuppet. In addition, our instructional classes are designed to bring affordable training in the fundamentals of Shotokan Karate to youth and adults. It is also our aim to provide training on a grass-roots level to qualify our karate students to compete on local, state and national levels in events that are sanctioned by the USA National Karate-Do Federation (USANKF) which is the current National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of karate in the United States sanctioned by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). To these ends we engage or plan to engage in the following activities.

Training Classes
Classes are currently being held in four locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, New York, by six of the organizationís senior black belts, with support from other of our black belts. These classes are closely modeled after the training techniques developed by Sensei LaPuppet. From time to time special black belt workshops are held to insure continuity and consistency of the training regimen at all locations. A promotion session is held in the summer and winter for students from all our locations who are evaluated by an assembled panel of senior black belt instructors.

Annual Tournament
In 1969 Sensei LaPuppet was inducted into the Black Belt Magazineís Black Belt Hall of Fame. Since his retirement from competition in 1970, he worked tirelessly for the sport of karate as an official with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) karate program and later as National Treasurer of the USA Karate Federation (USAKF). The USAKF was, at that time, the NGB for the sport of karate in this country. Sensei LaPuppet was also the President of USA Karate of New York. Each year since his death in 1999, we have held the Thomas LaPuppet Memorial Classic karate tournament in his honor, celebrating his legacy of fairness and excellence as a competitor, instructor, coach and tournament director.
This annual event draws hundreds of competitors and spectators who come to participate in a traditional karate tournament. Preparation for this event is extensive, spanning several months. It provides an opportunity for students of all locations to test their skills in a wholesome competitive environment. It also provides an opportunity for interested individuals to gain experience as tournament officials.

Our Hope
It is our hope that our program will help realize Sensei LaPuppetís dream of having traditional karate accepted as an Olympic sport. As his dream draws closer to being realized, it is also our hope that our program will develop and inspire athletes to train to a level of excellence that would qualify them to participate when that time comes.
Ronin Shotokan Karate-Do  

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